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Reagan Privacy

  • Secure an email address they will not be sold for advertising purposes
  • Big tech companies give away a free email address and then the emails to target the user with unwanted advertising
  • Reagan email will give the user their privacy for a slow as $33 a year

ReaganPrivacy.com will not copy, scan, or sell a single word of the account holders email content and is ideal for those who do not advertisers marketing to them based on the content found within their emails.  Reagan email can be accessed from any device at anytime including smart phones and tablets (Reagan.com email is compatible with most mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry).  Plans range from $40 to $99 depending in the length of membership (the longer the membership the more the customer will save).  Those looking to renew their Reagan email account can click on the “Email Renewals and Orders” icon and click on the blue Renew button and fill in the information needed and proceed to checkout for renewal.

ReaganPrivacy.com strides to provide the customer with affordable, secure, private email service that is accessible on all of the customers devices while making a few bucks in the process (this is a business after all!). Free email services are not truly free when the customers privacy is compromised!

www.ReaganPrivacy.com Notes

  1. A must for those looking for email privacy
  2. Comes in Silver, Gold, or Platinum memberships
  3. Requires an alternate email address upon sign up
  4. Contact information can be imported from the customers previous email in just a few minutes
  5. The email format will be xyz@reagan.com
  6. A confirmation email will be sent once the customer has created their Reagan email account
  7. Reagan email customers will sleep easy knowing their emails are not be used to market to them
  8. The customer will receive an alerts when their account is set to expired


  1. www.reaganprivacy.com