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Sears MaxCard

  • Try the Sears MaxCard free for 90 days

This 90 day offer allows customers to obtain free shipping on millions of items when shopping online, free 2 day shipping when shopping at K-Mart or Sears, 5% back in points when picking an item up in store, PLUS members of the US military get even better bonuses.  Customers can cancel the Sears MaxCard at anytime by visiting the SHOP YOUR WAY MAX section on the customers Manage My Account page or by calling a customer service agent at 1-866-562-7848 (Kmart) or 1-800-349-4358 (Sears).  Military members who apply for the MaxCard promotion are required to have a Troop ID digital ID card.

Sears MaxCard Notes

  • Qualifying Sears and Kmart items priced under $10.00 (MAXEligible) are not eligible for free shipping by themselves
  • The Shop Your Way MAX program will not include “large items” when shopping such as a refrigerator or a wash machine
  • Points earned via the Shop Your Way MAX program are valid for 90 days and a maximum of 50,000 points can be earned per year
  • The free trial period will end after 90 days and customers will not be automatically charged once the trial ends
  • Those who elect to extend their membership beyond the free 90 day trials will only pay $39 a year
  • No credit card is required to sign up for the Shop Your Way MAX 90 day free offer
  • Once the member has signed up for the $39 a year subscription their membership will automatically renew at the end of the year

What are double based points?

Only annual Shop Your Way MAX members get double points back on all qualifying purchases, in store and online. For example, a Shop Your Way member earns $1 back in points (1,000 points) on a $100 purchase. A Shop Your Way MAX annual member gets $2 back in points (2,000 points) on a $100 purchase. Annual members also receive $3 in points (3,000 points) to use on purchases during the first two weeks of each month (a $36 value!) starting your first full month of membership” – Via the Shop Your Way Max rewards program FAQ

It should be noted that only veterans (or active military personal) are provided the 180 day free trial offer (no exceptions allowed).

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