www.sfmta.com/paycitation – Pay Parking Tickets or Transit Violations Online

SFMTA Pay Citation

  • With the SFMTA Citation service online, people who have received a citation from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency can find and pay their citation any time of day
  • The system is very easy to use
  • Both international and United States credit and debit cards can be used to pay a SFMTA citation online

Using the SFMTA Pay Citation site, residents can actually search for parking tickets that haven’t been paid yet by either license plate number or the citation number on the ticket. People who received a citation while driving in a rental vehicle will need to search for their violation by citation number. Once the violation has been found, people using SFMTA Pay Citation can pay their ticket by any major debit or credit card (and get a receipt for their payment). Most SFMTA citations will be parking tickets for people who parked in an area that’s not allowed, but there may be some violations for not having the appropriate parking sticker for a certain area. If a resident believes they received a ticket from SFMTA in error, there is the option to appeal the citation online in writing and photos. Please note citations received from SFMTA may not be able to be seen or paid online for up to two weeks after they were initially received, and a payment may not show up on the SFMTA web site until two hour after it’s been paid.

What happens to people who have a vehicle towed by SFMTA?

People who have a car that’s been booted and isn’t drivable will need to click on the “Retrieving your vehicle after booting or towing” section. Residents of California who have a car towed by SFMTA will need to contact AutoReturn (the city of San Francisco’s towing service) as soon as they can.

To contact SFMTA about a citation

  • 415.701.2311

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