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Shark Steam And Spray

  • Learn more about the new and improved Shark cleaner

The Shark Steam & Spray PRO vacuum cleaner features a state of the art super-heated steam system that works best when the home owner combines it with the Shark Hard Floor Cleanser.  The Steam & Spray PRO is model number SS460WM and is available for purchase at Wal-Mart.

Tips when using the Shark Steam And Spray

  • The cleaner comes with specialized washable pads that should be washed by themselves only and not other clothing (i.e. socks, t-shirts)
  • When washing these state of the art washing pads only use liquid detergent
  • When using the Hard Floor Cleanser Bottle please be sure to hold down on the spray button for 5 to 10 seconds to flush the system
  • NEVER turn the Steam & Spray upside-down or the product may be damaged
  • When cleaning the pads DO NOT use fabric softeners or harmful bleaching products of any sort

The Pro Steam & Spray comes with three accessories that allow for a great deep clean… the microfiber pad, sanifiber pad, and the hardwood floor cleaner.

Any questions about the Shark Steam and Spray promotion or any Shark product can be directed to the Shark Clean call center support at 800-798-7398 anytime from Monday through Saturday, 7 am until 11 pm EST or Sunday, 9 am UNTIL 8pm EST.

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