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Speedy Rewards Register

  • Register a Speedy Rewards Card online in less than 60 seconds with the Speedy Rewards card number (this number is 10 digits long and can be found on the back of the card below the bar code)
  • Those who do not have a Speedy Rewards card can sign up to receive a digital Speedy Rewards card that can be used to earn points right from a mobile device

The Speedy Rewards register process requires a valid email address and once registered the member can view points balance, coupons, and rewards online.  The Speedy Rewards member program has over 5 million members and has given away more than $45 million dollars in rewards to date.  Members can redeem Speedy Rewards for cool items like a Macy’s gift card, a free Speedy Freeze drink, a slice of pizza, a free Coke or Pepsi, $15 iTunes gift card, or a $10 Speedy cash card just to name a few.

Speedy Rewards Notes

  • The time is takes for Speedy Reward points to be applied to a member account will depend on where the purchase is made
  • Most points will reflect on an account within 2 to 10 days BUT some may take as long as 45 days to process
  • Shopping at the Speedy Rewards Mall will earn the member additional points

Please note there are more than one card associated with the Speedy Rewards program… a list of all card associated with this rewards program can be found below:

  • Speedy Rewards MasterCard
  • Speedy Rewards Pay Card
  • Speedy Rewards Alternative ID

Consumers who want to make the most of the card should opt for the Speedy Rewards MasterCard as they will earn 50 Speedy Rewards points per dollar by using the card for purchases at Speedway locations, 25,000 bonus points (when $500 or more of purchases are made within the first 3 billing cycles), and 10 points per dollar everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Those who already have to many credit cards will want to opt for the Speedy Rewards Pay Card is a loyalty/rewards card (aka the smart phone mobile program) as it is linked to the customer’s bank account and is not a credit card.

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