www.starbucks.com/specialoffer form – Starbucks eGift Promotional Offer

Starbucks Special Offer Form

  • Take advantage of the current Starbucks eGift promotional offer online
  • Customers can take advantage of the Starbucks Special Offer by uploading a receipt, texting in their receipt, or they can also send their receipt in the old fashion way by US Mail

The Starbucks Special Offer Form is operated by the Starbucks Coffee Company.  When uploading the Starbucks receipt online the customer will have to provide their name, email address, gender, age, and the UPC number from the Starbucks receipt (this is needed to validate that the purchase was actually made).

Starbucks Special Offer Form Notes

  • Customers should allow up to 3 weeks to receive the promotional Starbucks coupon by email
  • If the customer entered by text please Text STOP to 35350 to opt out and to discontinue further participation in the Giveaway
  • When texting in a receipt related to the Starbucks Special Offer promotion please make sure the receipt image is clear, and includes participating products, retailer, and date of purchase

When providing the customer receipt online the user will also be able to opt in to receive promotional material from Starbucks via email such as coupons, special drinks to be released, and other marketing content.  Please note this is not required to take advantage of the Starbucks Special Offer Form and consumers who do not want to receive promotional email should just leave the box unchecked.

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