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Start Freedom Debt Relief

  • Get out of debt with Freedom
  • Requires an email address and the Freedom Debt Relief access code

The Freedom Dent Relief program provides tools on how to “jump-start” debt evaluation and get rid of that nasty debt.  Typical debt relief options include:

  • Declaring bankruptcy
  • Debt settlement
  • Credit counseling services
  • Making minimum payments over time

The most ideal situation is the minimum payment option as this debt relief strategy will do the lease damage to ones credit rating.

Any questions about the debt relief promotional offer can be directed to 800-544-7211.  The worse option would be filing for Bankruptcy as it is generally considered to be an option of last resort due to its harsh impact on credit and lifestyle (good luck ever getting another loan).  Debt settlement is not a horrible option as consumers can settle a debt in the most cheapest way possible while avoiding bankruptcy.

Freedom Debt Relief

  • Has resolved over $4 Billion in debt for customers on their last leg
  • Freedom Debt Relief promotes themselves as a leader in the credit advocacy and debt resolution industry
  • Fees are not charged until the customers debt has been abolished

Freedom Debt Relief has numerous certifications to include: credited by BSi Management Systems, International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) – Platinum Member and a Charter Member of the American Fair Credit Council.

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