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Step 1 Credit

  • With Step 1 Credit, customers get unlimited disputes to their credit report, raising their overall credit score. Many credit repair companies have a limit, but Step 1 Credit will take the time to repair as many things as possible
  • Customers can call Step 1 Credit for a free, no obligation consultation about their credit report

Step 1 Credit can help customers remove a wide variety of items from their credit report like late payments, collections notices, liens, inquires, short sales, write-offs and charge offs, foreclosures, judgments, repossession, and more.  Most people know a credit report is important, but don’t know how to actually figure out what all the information means. This means that many people actually have detrimental items on their credit report that are inaccurate, bringing down their credit score when it shouldn’t be.

Step 1 Credit Notes

  • Step 1 Credit works with customers to help remove incorrect items from their credit report, increasing their credit score and saving them money on future loans
  • Living with bad credit can cost customers thousands of dollars
  • Step 1 Credit has helped numerous customers get home loans, auto loans, and more

Thanks to several national laws and programs like the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Fair Credit Billing Act, customers can see every single item on their credit report, and fight any problems they find.

  • Credit companies have 30 to 45 days to investigate a claim, so the maximum amount of time that an incorrect charge will remain on an account is usually no more than 60 days
  • Customers do have legal right to clean up their own credit, but since most people don’t know where to start, they know that trusting Step 1 Credit is the fastest, most effective way to get their credit repaired

Please direct any questions about the Step 1 Credit service to 855-760-5301.  Step 1 Credit helps customers use their legal right to challenges incorrect charges with credit card companies, loan companies, and other credit bureaus.

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