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Straight Talk Refill My Account

  • Simply refill a Straight Talk account online with a debit/credit card or with a service card (two options)

Customers who use the service card option to refill their account are required to provide the p

Buying a Straight Talk Refill My Account Plan via debit or credit card?

  • Any Visa, AMEX, Discover, and MasterCard can be used (debit or credit)
  • Customers with a Sprint or other CDMA-technology need to provide the phone Serial Number after they have registered it on the CDMA BYOP registration page
  • Serial numbers on the phones will be 14, 15, or 18 digits long
  • Any questions about the Straight Talk refill my account process can be directed to a customer service specialist at 1-877-430-CELL

Looking to contact Straight Talk via US mail?  Please write to: Straight Talk, Inc Attention: Executive Resolution Department 9700 NW 112th Avenue Miami, FL 33178.

Any members of the media looking to get in touch with the Straight Talk public relations team should write to: Media@TracFone.com.

Straight Talk

  • Prepaid wireless service provider operated through a partnership between TracFone and Wal-Mart
  • Works with all four of the major wireless networks (i.e. T-Mobile’s, AT&T’s, Verizon’s or Sprint’s)
  • The most popular plan by Straight Talk is the “All You Need” plan which includes 30 days of unlimited texts, free 411 calls, 1500 minutes, and a generous 100 MB of data

As an added bonus Straight Talk also allows customers to bring AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or unlocked GSM phones to Straight Talk by buying a SIM card or activation kit and air time from the company.

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