www.target.com/rcam – Access and Manage MyRedCard

Target RCAM

  • Target customers who have signed up for the company’s Red Card can log on to manage a Target Red Card account online
  • The Target Red Card online portal is available for both customers who have a Red Card debit card and a Red Card debit card
  • Target Red Cards with 9 digit card numbers do not need to be activated but Target Red Cards that have 16 digit card numbers will need to be activated before they can be used

By using the Manage MyRedCard site, customers can see the most recent transactions on their Target Red Card, see the current balance (for Target Red Card credit cards), request a new card for one that was lost or stolen and more. When Target customers sign up for a new Target Red Card, they can choose their own 4 digit PIN number, and can change that PIN any time by using the Target RCAM online portal. Shoppers who have signed up for a new card can log on to activate a Target Red Card and begin using it in a Target store or on Target.com. The Target debit Red Card works just like writing a check (the money comes out of the user’s bank account several days after making a purchase), and does not count against an applicant’s credit score.

Advantages of having a Target RCAM (AKA Red Card)

One of the biggest advantages of having a Red Card from Target is that shoppers save 5% on every Target in store purchase or any purchase made at Target.com. Target Red Card customers do get free shipping on any item ordered on Target.com, but starting in September of 2016, a handling fee may be charged for Target items that require special handling.

To contact Target about a Red card debit or credit card

  • Target Card Services. P.O. Box 660170. Dallas, TX 75266-0170
  • 1-800-394-1829

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