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Tell Max Muscle

The customer can provide feedback and insight in relation to a Max Muscle Sports Nutrition purchase.  The survey will only take a few minutes to complete and the customers must have the following:

  • The state (I.E. Colorado, New York, California) in which the Max Muscle purchase took place
  • Time and date of purchase
  • The name of the Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Once the above has been provided the Tell Max Muscle survey will start with the question “Were you made aware that MMSN offers Nutrition Plans?”.  The customer will then be asked a few more simple YES OR NO questions and then be asked to provide any comments they had about their training session.  As the Tell Max Muscle survey progresses customers will be given the chance to receive additional offers and promotional coupons from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition by providing their name, email address, and telephone number.  Please note the additional offer promotion is optional and the customer is not required to provide their personal information.

Who is Max Muscle?

  • Sports nutritional supplement company
  • Founded in 1990
  • Also dabbles in athletic apparel and magazine publishing but their money-maker is “nutritional supplements”

The Max Muscle corporate office is based at 210 West Taft Avenue
Orange, California 92865 and can be reached by calling 714-456-0700 or via fax at 714-978-0273.  Top selling products sold by Max Muscle include Cleanse & Lean (a pill to clean the digestive tract and help promote weight loss), Emerge, MaxxTOR (a supplement to help build lean muscle and is popular with hard-core bodybuilder), 2TX, and Lipo-Red (a high-end fat burner with “powerful legal ingredients”).  Please note these products are not cheap and all cost well over $20.

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