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  • Win $1000 in the Shoppers Home Health Care Survey Sweepstakes by answering a few short questions

To start this super cool survey Shoppers Home Health Care customers will need the store number and transaction number from the customer receipt.  Once the survey has been completed contestants will receive 10 chances to win a $1000 daily prize or other great prizes valued at $1500.

“For complete rules, eligibility, Sweepstakes period and PREVIOUS WINNERS, please click on the appropriate links below. No purchase/survey required to enter. Sweepstakes sponsored by Empathica Inc. across multiple international clients. Skill testing question may be required by jurisdiction. Void where prohibited. The Empathica sweepstakes excludes residents of Quebec.” – http://www.tellshhc.com/websurvey/2/execute#/1

Who in the world is Shoppers Home Health Care?

  • Canada based health care retailer
  • Founded by Toronto pharmacist, Murray Koffler in 1962
  • The very first SHHC arrived on the scene in Toronto, Ontario
  • Private label brands sold by SHHC include QUO (introduced in 1999), Life Brand (created in 1962), and Sanis (which is a generic drug products designed to increase dispensing efficiency, reduce the probability of medication errors to enhance patient safety)

Shoppers Home Health Care is based on the foundation of providing customers with exceptional service, value and trust (in hopes to keep them coming back which many do).  The company also goes under the name Shoppers Drug Mart and is considered one of Canada’s leading drug store retailer.

Shoppers Drug Mart

  • Owned and operated by Loblaw Companies (see more about this food retailer below)
  • Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Has more than 1200 locations

Loblaw Companies Limited is a food and pharmacy company headed by Mr. Galen G. Weston B.A..  The firm operates in both the United States and Canada although a good majority of their sales are from Canada locations.  Loblaw is the parent company to a variety of retailers who sell and market items such as grocery, pharmacy, health and beauty, apparel, general merchandise, banking, and wireless mobile products.

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