www.tfsurvey.ca – tfonlinesurvey.ca $500 Treadmill Factory Promotion

TF Survey CA

  • The Treadmill Factory Fitness Superstores are requesting customer provide feedback in relation to a purchase

All feedback provided to The Treadmill Factory Fitness Superstores will be used to improve consumer relations and in return for the feedback the customer will be entered into a prize drawing where they could snatch up a nice little $500 or $50 gift card that can be used at any Treadmill Factory retailer.  Please note the $50 gift card associated with the TF Survey (aka TF Online Survey CA) will be given away monthly while the $500 gift card will only be drawn once a year.

TFOnline Survey Notes

  • To begin customers will first have to elect if there shopping experience was positive or negative
  • The select where the visit took place (i.e. London, Toronto, Online etc)
  • Customers will be asked to write a short review in regards to their shopping experience

Who is Treadmill Factory Fitness Superstores?

  • Canadian based Cardio & Strength Equipment retailer
  • Founded in 1988
  • Strives to provide exercise equipment at a fair and affordable price

The Treadmill Factory is part of the United Ventures Group of companies.  Treadmill can be reached by dialing 905.205.0424 (for commercial sales) or 1.888.966.0229 (fax number).  All general customer service questions can be directed to a Treadmill Factor Fitness rep at 1.888.469.3031. Popular equipment sold by the firm include bench presses, home gyms, cable attachments, free weights, exercise balls, treadmills, and upper body machines.

Shipping notes

  • Treadmill generally ships items within 72 hours from the time of purchase
  • Please allow up to two weeks for an oversize gym item to arrive
  • The Treadmill Factory ships with both Purolator and UPS
  • When shopping please look for items that are marked “free shipping” to avoid shipping cost (which can add up quickly with exercise equipment)

Orders over $400 can be shipped to an address other than the address associated with the bill but the customer may have to provide a secondary address to complete the order.

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