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Than STX Event

  • Sign up for a free 2 hour real estate class which provides Time-Tested Techniques to Succeed in Real Estate (or so they claim)

The Than STX Event will teach people how to make money by ‘Flipping Houses’ in there local are regardless of where they live.  People who attend this free class will also be educated on how to obtain some of the best properties in any given area, be given the chance to network with other agents and discuss “flipping strategies”, learn the techniques used on the popular TV show ‘Flip this House’ on A&E, and learn how to flip house on a part-time schedule (is that even possible?).

One item that is a must read is the fine print down at the bottom of the Free Than Merrill’s Real Estate Class offer which reads “Most people who attend this introductory free event do not apply the strategies, techniques, and systems and therefore make little to no money“.

Free Than Merrill’s Real Estate Class Investing Notes

  • DO NOT expect to become an instant millionaire through this class
  • DO expect to put in hard work and learn from mistakes
  • Learn how to purchase discounted real estate in a self-directed retirement account
  • Be taught how to use other peoples money to fund real estate deals

What people are saying about the class…

” have a business that my wife and children are proud of. We going into neighborhoods and being paid to fix up properties. I’m building a legacy for my wife, my children and my grandchildren, and I’m doing something that I absolutely love.” – Bill Roberts (full disclosure: this quote is from the thanstxevent.com promotional page).

Any questions about the Than STX Event can be directed to 800-705-4821 and it should be noted that this is not a get rick quick scheme as results may vary and are not typical of every individual (in other words flipping houses takes hard work and a high degree of knowledge about the local real estate market in which the person plans to operate in).

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