www.tinlizzysfeedback.com – Coupon Tin Lizzy’s Customer Survey

Tin Lizzy’s Feedback

  • Provide feedback to Tin Lizzy’s in hope of improving their customer service (it is needed!)
  • Customers who complete the survey in full will earn a coupon in return for their efforts
  • TinLizzyFeedback.com is operated by InMoment

In order to being the Tin Lizzy’s Feedback survey the customer will need either the Tin Lizzy’s store number or the survey code.  The survey code will be 15 digits long and located at the bottom of the receipt while the store number will be 2 digits in length and located at the top of the receipt.  At Tin Lizzy’s Cantina their goal to provide the customer with a unique “Flex Mex” experience with unmatched service, drinks, and food (this survey will help ensure this happens on each and every visit).  The customer will also be asked to provide the date of visit, time of visit, and the check number.  A few questions the customer will encounter via www.tinlizzysfeedback.com include “please rate your overall satisfaction on this visit to Tin Lizzy’s”, “Overall how welcome you felt upon your visit”, and “the knowledge of the server in regards to the Tin Lizzy’s menu items”.  Finally at the end of the survey customers will be asked to provide their email address and name in order to receive Tin Lizzy’s coupons and promotional discounts (this is a must for people who frequent Tin Lizzy’s a few times a month).

www.TinLizzysFeedback.com Promotional Notes

  • The coupon cannot be combined with any other offers
  • Limit one coupon per visit
  • The Tin Lizzy’s coupon is not redeemable for cash
  • Tin Lizzy’s reserves the right to terminate this promotion at anytime

Must try Tin Lizzy’s menu items?

  • Buffalo Shrimp (some of the best shrimp in HotLanta)
  • Three Little Pigs (seasoned tortilla chips covered with queso blanco, shredded lettuce and diced jalapeños. Topped with pulled pork, bacon, chorizo sausage and drizzled with honey-chipotle bbq sauce)
  • Tater Tots


  1. www.tinlizzysfeedback.com
  2. www.tinlizzyscantina.com/menu