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Tolls By Mail NY

Pay a bothersome toll bill online associated with Tolls By Mail New York.  To pay a toll online be sure to have the drivers bill or account number PLUS the driver’s license plate number.  The driver can use any major credit or debit card (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or pay using good old fashion cash by mail if desired. (this is the slowest most bothersome way to pay however).  Any questions about the Tolls By Mail NY service can be directed to a customer service agent at  1-844-826-8400.  Please note all tolls paid by mail need to be sent to: Tolls by Mail Payment Processing Center, PO Box 15183, Albany, NY 12212-5183 (please be sure to include the coupon with the mailing).

When can a driver disagree with a toll charge?

  • If the auto was sold and no longer own by the driver (proof of sale will be required in order to get the toll overturned)
  • The auto was stolen (requires a police report to prove the auto was actually stolen)
  • The drivers license plates were surrendered
  • Other misc reasons

Other Tolls By Mail NY notes

  • Partial payments are not allowed and all tolls must be paid in full
  • Drivers can sign up to have all toll bills be sent via email
  • Drivers are allowed to use a E-ZPass account to pay NY Tolls
  • Drivers who received a toll bill that is not theirs should follow the instructions found on the back of the bill labeled “To Dispute this Toll Bill”

Please note that the state of New York toll system limites the amount of autos per private customer to 4.  To view or print recent toll bills please check the Toll Bill History or Toll Bill Transactions on the left side of the home menu online.

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