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Trump Card Cain

  • With the Trump Card service, people can purchase cards that show their support for Donald Trump for President
  • The Trump Card service isn’t officially endorsed or approved by any political campaign, but was paid for by H Cain and Friends
  • The 2016 US Presidential election may be over, but the Trump card service is still available for people to purchase cards proclaiming Donald Trump the best possible President

Trump Cards available for purchase feature Donald Trump’s political ideas on one side of the card compared with Hillary Clinton’s on the back of the card. Some of the ideas on the Trump card include contradictions like Trump’s plan to rebuild the military and Clinton’s plan to reduce military spending, energy dependence (meaning the US doesn’t rely on other countries for their energy needs), and several other areas. The Trump Card service believes that Donald Trump is the best option for President of the United States, and has printed up cards for people to purchase and distribute to family and friends promoting this idea. Trump Card proclaims that Donald Trump is out to “Save Our Society” while Hillary Clinton is out to “Steal Our Society” through raising taxes, letting bad people into the country, and keeping good people out of the USA.

How much do Trump cards cost?

A pack of 50 Trump cards can be purchased for just $12.50 or 100 cards for $25. Once ordered on the web site, they should arrive within 10 business days. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards can be used to purchase Trump Cards online.

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