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View Post US Bank

  • Check electronic invoices and payments with trading partners over the secure Viewpost network
  • Operated in partnership with US Bank
  • ViewPostUSBank.com offers real-time visibility into receivables and payable accounts

The View Post US Bank service is a must for businesses looking to access accounts with remarkable speed and efficiency.  The View Post Network is free to join and registration only takes about 5 minutes.  Any questions in regards to www.viewpostusbank.com can be directed to Customer Support at 888-248-9190 between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday or email support@viewpost.com (when sending an email please include the customers ViewPost account number and the nature of their question).  In order to send a payment using the View Post US Bank service the customer will have to link a bank account with the routing number and checking account number.  In order to register a bank account the customers will be sent a micro-deposit that must be verified by the bank account holder (please allow up to 3 days for the micro-deposit to be deposited).

www.ViewPostUSBank.com Benefits

  1. Free Invoicing: reduce the costs and headaches of exchanging invoices with trading partner
  2. Streamline Payment Management: offers free routing, approvals and data integration services
  3. Make payments online (self-explanatory)
  4. Lower cost with Electronic Checking: receive an electronic deposit and send electronic payments for less than the price of check stock, envelopes and postage (what’s not to like here?!?!)
  5. There is no limit to the amount of bank accounts a customer is allowed to register
  6. This is a must for all small business fan boys who are into saving time and money

ViewPostUSBank.com fees to send or receive a payment?

  • $0.50 per payment for sending a Viewpost electronic payment
  • $0.75 per payment for sending a Viewpost paper check
  • 30% of savings from sending Viewpost Express early payment
  • Bank Returned Item: $10.00 per item
  • Normal bank fees apply


  1. www.viewpostusbank.com