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Voya Retirement Plans Enrollment

  • Enroll online with the Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company (VRIAC)
  • Voya Financial customers can log on to access their retirement plan information, including viewing the current balance, changing allotment decisions, and more
  • Online tools from Voya Financial like My Orange Money helps customers plan for retirement by showing estimated balances 5, 10, 20, and even 40 years in the future

Customers who have their retirement investment account through Voya Financial can access their retirement account conveniently online through the MyOrangeMoney portal.

My Orange Money has a number of tools to help plan for retirement, like an estimated balance tracker that shows the projected balance of a Voya retirement account any number of years out, and recommends investment moves based on an estimated retirement date.

  • My Retirement Outlook lets Voya customers see what their current retirement efforts will result in
  • An online budget builder through My Orange Money helps customers keep their account balances in check, making it easy to track money coming in and what’s being spent
  • Voya Compare Me lets users see how their retirement stacks up against other Americans, letting them know if they need put it a little more effort towards retirement, or if current efforts and enough
  • My Retirement Outlook from Voya lets customers figure out what they need to save today, and how it impacts their weekly paycheck

Voya Financial

  • Voya Financial was founded in 1991, and is an investment and retirement company that’s based in New York City
  • Voya serves more than 13 million customers, and manages over $500 billion in assets
  • Voya Financial is a publicly held company that has 6,500 employees.

Voya is known for their “Unsung Heroes Award,” which gives 100 educators a year a $2,000 grant to show thanks for innovative class room efforts. The Unsung Heroes program has give away nearly $5 million in grants from Voya.

The Voya Corporation also gained notoriety for being named one of the most ethical companies in the world by the Ethisphere Institute.  Any questions about the Voya Retirement Plans enrollment process can be directed to 1-888-311-9487.

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