www.vzw.com/baplus – Back Up Verizon Data


  • Protect Verizon Wireless data with BACKUP ASSISTANT PLUS
  • Any content previously stored using Backup Assistant Plus will automatically be available on Verizon Cloud
  • This is a must for Verizon Wireless fan boys who use a lot of data and have some valuable information in their cloud

VZW.com/BAPlus is operated by Verizon Wireless and any questions about the service can be directed to an award winning customer service agent at 1 (800) 922-0204.  Any content that was previously stored on an Android or IOS Device with the Backup Assistant Plus will automatically be available on Verizon Cloud.  The basic Backup Assistant Plus free option comes with 500 MB of free storage while those who are greedy and need more storage will have to fork over more money in order to obtain more MB’s.  VZW fan boys can upgrade from the Verizon Cloud app or add the feature from the Products & Apps page in My Verizon.  Those who are using backup assistant plus can upload are of their contacts, photos, videos, music and documents to the cloud at no additional charge.  The cloud will also back up all of the customers text messages (even the naughty ones), media messages and call logs.  Pro tip: Facebook fan boys can post FB file from the Backup Assistant Plus mobile app.

VZW.com/BAPlus Notes

  • A must for Verizon Wireless customers who are concerned with losing their data
  • A freebie associated with being a VZW account holder
  • Verizon Wireless reserves the right to modify or cancel the terms of this program at any time
  • Formats that can be uploaded include .JPG, AAC, DV. and DOC
  • Files that have a copyright are not allowed to be uploaded unless the user has permission from the copyright holder

How can the customer access content on the Verizon Cloud?

  • On compatible Android smartphones & tablets
  • iOS devices (includes iPhone & iPad)
  • Via the Verizon Cloud desktop application
  • Desktop computer with Internet connection


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  2. www.verizonwireless.com/support/backup-assistant-plus-faqs