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VZW Service Blocks

  • Verizon Wireless customers can set up certain blocks on an account to prevent spending and restrict content all in one step
  • This is useful for customers who have children/teenagers on their VZW plane and want to ensure they do not make costly purchases on apps or view inappropriate content on their phones

The VZW Service Blocks are free to all Verizon Wireless customers and can be added or removed at anytime in a few minutes.  Not only is this service ideal for a family but a business may also want to utilize the VZW Service Blocks to ensure employees from running up unexpected or unwanted charges on an account.

What do these VZW Service Blocks include?

  • App Downloads (prevent kids from downloading costly apps)
  • Mobile Web Content
  • Purchases and Gifting
  • V CAST Music, Mobile TV and Video (many music videos are inappropriate for children PLUS they use data quickly which could led to overcharges)

Please note the purchases and gifting block will NOT cancel and remove existing subscriptions from being charged to a given Verizon Wireless account and will only apply to future attempts at purchases.

VZW services that cost money?

  • Verizon Roadside Assistance
  • Family Locator
  • Total Equipment Coverage
  • Total Mobile Protection

The only above service that is worth the money is the VZW Roadside assistance.  This service will provide car towing, fuel delivery, battery boost, and much more for customers.  The Roadside Assistance service only cost 3 bucks per line.  The family locator service is somewhat creepy and invasive as it allows a parent to view where their children are from a mobile device or PC.  The total equipment service coverage is a popular add-on that most people will never use… this service covers Verizon Wireless customers in the event of loss, theft, damage, or defect after the manufacturer’s warranty expire related to a VZW mobile device.

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