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VZW Switch

  • Initiate the process of switching from one wireless carrier to Verizon

To begin the VZW Switch process the customer will need their promotion code and the date in which the purchase was made.  Customers will then have to explain how their business with their older carrier (such as AT&T or Sprint) ended (the old carrier did or did not charge the customer for ending their wireless service).  Please note the order/purchase date can be found on the customers equipment receipt or the Customer agreement.

Those who were charged by their old carrier charged for switching are REQUIRED to provide…

  • The trade-in information (which can come in the form of a paper receipt or a PDF copy of the confirmation email with the purchase amount)
  • The final bill from the old carrier

Customers who were NOT charge to switch from their old carrier only need to provide…

  • Trade-in information

More VZW Switch Notes

  • This promotional offer is from Verizon Wireless and is only good when activating a new 4G LTE smartphone at this time
  • The customers must provide the their previous phone to Verizon under their previous carrier
  • Promotional Reimbursement consists of Verizon Wireless Visa Prepaid Card in amount of carriers Early Termination Fee (up to $350) or final device payment plan balance (up to $650)
  • If the previous phone is damaged (i.e. cracked screen, turns on and off without being prompted) the VZW Switch offer is not valid
  • Please allow up to 6 weeks to receive the $100 Visa Prepaid Card
  • Examples of eligible device payment plans are AT&T’s NEXT, Sprint’s Easy Pay Program, Sprint’s iPhone for Life and T-Mobile Installment Plan
  • Customers only have 60 days to request reimbursement from VZW (from the date the switch was made)
  • More than one phone number is allowed under the terms of the VZW Switch promotion

Any questions about the Verizon Wireless switch promotion can be directed to a VZW live chat agent or please dial toll-free (844) 408-8470.  Please allow up to 8 weeks to pass before contacting customer service in regards to the status of the $100 Visa Prepaid Card.

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