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Walmart Care Plan

  • Register for the Walmart Care plan which allows loyal Walmart customers to save and view receipts online associated with a purchase, register a product to the care plan, and file a claim
  • The service is free to use and is a MUST for anyone who shops are Walmart more than once a week

The Walmart Care Plan requires the customer to provide their name, phone number, and email address at the time of sign up and must create a passwords ( the password MUST be a minimum of 7 characters with at least 1 number and 1 letter).  The Walmart care plan covers the cost and parts associated with any “mechanical and electrical failures including those due to normal wear and tear, power surges, dust, heat and humidity”.

Walmart Care Plan Notes

  • Plans area allowed to be transferred to a new owner
  • To transfer a plan the customer will need the receipt, plan number, and the new owner’s name, complete address and telephone number
  • Under the terms of the product care plan video games, CD’s, and DVD’s are do not qualify at this time
  • It appears that the only way to cancel a plan is via US mail (see more further below)
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks for a refund to arrive when cancelling a plan
  • These plans provide for additional coverage during the manufacturer’s warranty period

Any questions about the Walmart Care Plan service can be directed to the Walmart customer call center at 888-524-6690.  Please note that the Walmart Care Plan is NOT a substitute for the manufacturer’s warranty and customers who are concerned about a product should sign up for both.

To cancel a plan please write to: Asurion at Product Care Plan (Wal-Mart) PO Box 1818 Sterling, VA 20167-1818 Attention: Cancellations…. all plans that are cancelled within 30 days are subject to a refund.

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