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Wawa Credit Card

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The Wawa credit card is ideal for people who buy a lot of gas and pay at the pump.  The card offers allows the member to save 5¢ per gallon of gas up to 100 gallons a month.  Plus the card comes with $0 Liability for unauthorized charges and the award-winning Citi Identity Theft Solutions.  In order to apply the consumer must be 18 years of age or older or 21 years of age or older if living in Puerto Rico.  The consumers will also have to provide their Social Security Number and Photo ID number, name, address, and a contact number.  Wawa credit card applicants will also have to provide some financial information such as…

  • Annual wages
  • Other income (i.e. part time wages)
  • Monthly rent or mortgage payments
  • And provide their residence status (own, rent, other)

The above information will be used in determining whether or not to approve the applicant for the coveted Wawa credit card.  Applicants are allowed to list an authorized account user when applying and both the applicants and authorized users account history will be reported to the major credit bureaus.

Additional Notes

  • Consumers with bad credit will be denied
  • Most applicants will receive a decision almost instantly
  • Those who do not receive an instant decision should allow up to 30 days regarding the Wawa credit card application status
  • If approved payment terms are flexible and payments can be made in full or customer have the option to make the minimum payment
  • Applicants who are approved should allow up to 14 business days for the card to arrvie via US Mail

To request all disclosures related to the Wawa credit card please write to: Credit Program, P.O. Box 6403 Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6403.  Any questions about the Wawa offer or to apply by phone please call 1-800-251-6781.

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