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Wawa Rewards

  • Sign up for the popular Wawa Rewards card online (or returning card members can check a balance OR those who need to register the card can do so with the card number)

The program is designed for those who shop at Wawa stores on a frequent basis as they will earn Wawa rewards coupons for every U.S. $50 spent on eligible purchases made at a Wawa location.  On top of being rewarded with money-saving coupons Wawa customers will also be entered into Wawa sweepstakes where they could win gift cards and other fabulous prizes.  In order to join the Wawa Rewards program the customer must be 13 years of age or older and a legal resident of the USA (PLEASE NOTE some states may require the member to be 18 years of age or older).

Wawa Rewards Notes

  • A member must sign up for an account (with a valid email address) to earn Wawa rewards coupons and other Wawa Rewards Program benefits
  • Lost, stolen or damaged Wawa gift cards can be replaced
  • No fees or annual cost are associated with this reward program (aka its FREE)
  • Members can register up to five Wawa Gift Cards to an active Wawa Rewards account
  • The gift card cannot be used to purchase alcohol products, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, gift cards and pre-paid cards at Wawa
  • At this time purchases made online do not count towards the $50 Wawa gift cared threshold
  • All gift cards issued by the program are from Wild Goose Gift Card LLC
  • Wawa Gift Cards are available for a minimum value of U.S. $5 and for up to a maximum value of U.S. $500
  • Members will have 30 days to pick their reward option before it expires

Any questions or concerns about the Wawa rewards program can be directed to the competent Wawa Customer Relations team at 1-800-444-9292.  Anyone looking to check the balance of a Wawa card should dial 1-877-217-5366.

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