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Web Grants 4 Students

  • Students who have submitted new applications for a federal school grant in California will need to wait at least two weeks for their Web Grants account to update
  • Web Grants 4 Students was created by the California Student Aid Commission to provide resources and tools to help with the college financial aid process
  • WGS account does not replace any specific school or FAFSA accounts, but is instead intended to supplement these account

California high school students who need help paying for college can take advantage of the Cal Grants program and the Web Grants 4 Students web site to apply for federal education grants. With the California Web Grants program, students can view updates to a California grant application, change what school they’re enrolled in, make changes to a home address, make correction to a grant application, and post a leave of absence request.

WebGrants4Students.com Notes

  • It is possible for students to have too low of a “score” to get a federal education grant in California through Web Grants 4 Students
  • Having a combination of GPA, family income, size of household, parents’ education background, total time out of high school, high school performance
  • Please direct any and all questions in regards Web Grants 4 Students to 888-224-7268

What is the Cal Grant Guarantee?

Students in California who meet the requirement, have a college financial need, and apply by March 2 of the year they’re graduating (and successfully graduate from a California high school) are subject to the Cal Grant Guarantee, where they’re guaranteed to receive a Cal Grant award.

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