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Wells Fargo Home Preservation 1

  • Obtain more details about the Wells Fargo loan modification application or another homeowner assistance program
  • These programs are designed for home owners who are having trouble making mortgage payments

The Wells Fargo Home Preservation 1 application will take about 5 minutes to complete and can be mailed to: MAC X9999-01N 2701 Wells Fargo Way Minneapolis, MN 55467-8000.  Please be sure to read the important notes below before completing the forms as any mistakes may cause a delay in processing the loan modification application.  Home owners will be required to still make mortgage payments while the application is pending regardless of their financial situation.

Wells Fargo Home Preservation 1 Notes

  • Applicants will have to include a Homeowner Association (HOA) statement, showing dues amount and payment frequency
  • Documents to verify current income and a copy of the home owners most recent tax returns
  • All borrowers must sign and date all documents were required PLUS all financial documents provided to Wells Fargo must be current (i.e. created within the last 30 days)
  • Please be sure to include the borrowers Wells Fargo home loan number on every document that is faxed or mailed
  • Home owners who have already submitted an application can check the status with the  last 4 digits of borrowers Social Security number, the Wells Fargo loan number, and the property ZIP code

Any documents associated with a Wells Fargo Home Preservation 1 application can be faxed to 1-866-359-7363.  Other documents associated with the Wells Fargo Home Preservation application that are required to be filed by the application include:

  • Dodd-Frank Certification form
  • Homeowner Financial Assistance form, which includes your “hardship affidavit”
  • IRS Form 4506-T (Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript)
  • Non-Borrower Financial Contribution form

Those applying for the Wells Fargo homeowner assistance program may want to consider reaching out to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development counseling program… to locate a HUD counselor in any given area within the US.

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