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We Recognize You 

  • Access this popular employee awards program with a Certificate number or a username/password combination
  • Please note the Certificate # will be 16 digits long

We Recognize You allows the user to collect their award for being a good employee and the employee should be allowed to pick from a variety of gifts such as a clock, a high-end set of ink pens, a picture frame, and a leather binder (which is perfect for keeping job related notes).

What are the advantage of employee award programs?

  • Gives the employee a sense of self-worth and something to strive for
  • Award programs have a proven impact on the company’s bottom line
  • Encourages the employees to stay, grow, and thrive
  • An excellent way to measure results and weed out the under performing employees

When employee award programs could go wrong?

  • Limiting recognition of an employee to only one occurrence per calendar year stifles the continued willingness of the worker to excel
  • A manager could show favoritism to a certain employee
  • If the company does not have the funds to make the award worth while they should just avoid using an award program
  • Some studies have shown that public recognition breeds unhealthy internal competition

Before starting an employee award program all manages should meet and discuss the pro and cons along with the entire human resource department.

Companies worth millions of dollars shouldn’t be afraid to really go all out and provide employee award programs that translate into a sports car to an all-paid luxury vacation.  Companies can also share the results through social media (companies Facebook or Twitter page) to add even more prestige to winning the award although this could backfire and make some employees extremely jealous.

Any questions about the We Recognize you award program can be directed to 800.535.5690 Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM EST.

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