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Western Union TCPA Settlement

  • A $8.5 million settlement fund has been agreed upon over wireless telephone numbers being texted without prior express written consent by WU

The $8.5 million dollar settlement will be used to pay out class members who file timely claims, Attorneys’ Fee Award, and Incentive Award to the Class Representative (which is bound to be a nice sum).  The Western Union TCPA settlement class members claim that WU violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 47 U.S.C. § 227 when WU sent advertisement text message to their phone without gaining the wireless owners permission.  Western Union has denied all charges but has agreed to settle in order to avoid a lengthy trial and put this bothersome matter behind them.

Class members in the Douglas v. The Western Union Co. lawsuit settlement are defined as anyone who received a text message (without given their consent) from March 12, 2010 until November 10, 2015.

Western Union TCPA Settlement Notes

  • At this time it is estimated that class members will receive a $250 cash payment
  • Claims must be filed with the class members 12-digit unique identifier
  • ALL claim forms associated with the WU TCPA Settlement must be in no later than 11:59 p.m. PST on February 22, 2016
  • Claim forms can be filed online or via mail
  • One one claim form can be submitted per class member regardless of the number of text messages they received from Western Union
  • Joseph J. Siprut will represent all the class members (i.e. class members do not have to hire there own attorney if they elect to stay in the settlement)
  • It is estimated that Mr. Siprut will request $2,891,000 from the settlement for his effots

When sending a claim form via US mail please make sure it goes to: Western Union Text Message Settlement, C/O Epiq Systems, Inc., PO Box 3145, Portland, OR 97208.

Anyone who is not sure if they received a text message during the designated time frame can call 1-877-841-8156 or email info@WesternUnionTCPASettlement.com.

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