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World Acceptance Reviews

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World Acceptance Corporation reviews from ConsumerAffairs: 1 out of 5 start based on 7 reviews

What people had to say about the World Acceptance Loans on ConsumerAffairs (highlights);

But I would not recommend ever using this company as they are currently about to likely be shut down because they use “loophole laws” to charge 80% and more interest fees and prey on desperate people.” – Michelle of Kansas City, MO on

The interest rates aren’t posted, they harass you at home and work even after you told them you can’t pay them because you get paid biweekly and that your father recently died; and you had to take over his debt load. They are crooks, point blank.” – Chance of Graniteville, SC on

On the other hand the Better Business Bureau does provide the firm with a A+ rating and many complaints are mostly from people who can’t pay and then complain that they are being bothered to pay the money they owe.

Those looking to contact World Acceptance?

  • Mailing: Post Office Box 6429, Greenville, SC 29606
  • Physical: 108 Frederick Street, Greenville, SC 29607
  • Phone: (864) 298-9800

When it is all said and done World Acceptance is a legit organization and customers who take loans from them should realize that they are people with horrible credit and should be thankful for companies that give them a chance to repair their score.  

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