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Xfinity Remotes

  • Learn how to program and use an Xfinity digital cable remote control from Comcast  on a digital cable box, an audio receiver, or another device
  • Xfinity offers two remotes for their service, the XR2 and the XR5, and has guides and tech support for each

Customers who have purchased Xfinity digital cable from Comcast can learn how to program and use their Xfinity remote. Xfinity is the new name for Comcast’s “triple play” service, or digital cable, cable Internet, and cable telephone on one account.

Xfinity Remotes Notes

  • Comcast offers tech support for Xfinity remotes and devices through a helpful online guide
  • Subscribers can learn how to pair a new remote with their Comcast Xfinity cable box, or control another TV or audio receiver with their Xfinity remote
  • If users don’t know exactly what remote they have, the Xfinity remote control help site has user guides like “Silver remote with red button” and “Silver remote with gray button”

Comcast offers helpful technical support for their Xfinity service, like what to do if the remote does not control the TV, if the remote all power button does not turn set-top box on or off , how to check the Comcast remote battery level, and how to remove TV or audio control from your remote.

More about Comcast

Comcast is the largest provider of cable Internet in the United States, making up almost 50% of the market in recent years. Comcast began promoting Xfinity in 2010 during the Winter Olympics, and currently has over 20 million Internet service subscribers. The Xfinity name change was controversial in some places, as many people saw it as an attempt to sidestep a negative reputation that Comcast has earned in some cities.

Comcast has their corporate headquarters at: Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19103.  Any questions via telephone can be directed to a Xfinity customer service agent at 1 (800) 934-6489.

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