www.ymhspq.com – Credit One Bank Card?

YMHSPQ is owned  by the Credit One Bank who is a United States bank and is member FDIC making it 100% safe and trustworthy.  This is a credit card offer from Credit One Bank and customers will need the approval code from the mailing in order to sign up.

The Credit One Bank was founded in 1984 and is one of America’s leading issuers of VISA Platinum credit cards.  The bank is owned by Credit One Financial and is registered in the state of Nevada.

Common questions associated with a Credit One Card

  • New cards can only be activated by phone
  • Card account may be closed of the customer fails to activate the card within 14 days
  • Online access will provide 24 months of back statements
  • Offers Monthly Credit Score Tracking which is a free service and allows customers track their credit score with up to 12 months worth of data

Variable credit cards issued by Credit One use the U.S. Prime Rate which can be found in the in the “Money Rates” section of any edition of The Wall Street Journal.

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